Intentional Self-Love

Everyone talks about self-love but what has to be done first to make it intentional? At first, we need to realize importance of it; we are taught how to love everyone else but not ourselves. But need to remember that our foundation of all – is relationship to ourselves first through understanding, acceptance, and protection of our foundation. Once we master that – we can become a warrior of our life – be strong and conquer any challenge that occurs along the way because no matter what happens we know who we are and by accepting it, we secure it by not giving up on it to others – that might have sometimes negative intentions against us.
We need to be intentional- understanding that that you do not need to be approved by others. Intentional- is purposely, fulfilling taking yourself into the account before others. What’s the purpose of this? Purpose is clear and transparent – by living life in the best manner, we are the example for others.

I’m going to discuss and invite you to intentional self-love challenge. What are the factors that occurs as warnings that self-love has to be taken into the place? And what are the signs that there are some errors in your life that needs to be addressed in order to live better. There are four important points that need to be talked around: if you experiencing mental distress and mental breakdown, if you have problems with accepting your feeling as it is, if you hardly can take a minute and imagine a loved one that may experience this feeling and it could make you uncomfortable, how would you react? If you have a problem to look at yourself retrospectively. Remember the ways you treated yourself in the past. Analyze the matters. Challenge yourself with better action plan that brings better results! Think about circumstances back then and now.

Take the time to be honest with yourself. Evaluate your self-love and choose intentionally to live at your best. Start planting a seed of love. And inspire others.

-By Rimante Bernotaite

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