Your $5 donation ys for one free emotional support chat for people in need.



The Situation

• The holiday season is here. Many of us want to enjoy it, but many others can not.

• Many people feel alone and forgotten.

• Our chat service is seeing increased demand for emotional support.

• We need your help to ensure our services can continue to serve people at this time.

Our Service and Impact

• With over 4,000 trained volunteers, our Certified Listeners are here with open hearts, ready to support people through these difficult times.

• Last month, we helped over 10,000 people in need of emotional support

• Help us reach 10,000 more.

Our Certified Listeners volunteers are trained to meet our Core Competencies and abide by our Professional Code of Ethics. All Emotional Support Chats are supervised by a trained professional.

You can find our impact statement following this LINK.