Help Wanted

Our service delivery to the community is our Certified Listener Program. However, we also have 10 other departments looking for extra help if you are interested. Any volunteering that you want to do in this area, will also be counted towards volunteer time.

1.-Service Delivery is run by Greg Clark. This team is looking for Shift Supervisors. If interested, you can send your resume to our Supervisors Coordinator, Akila Kumar at

2.-Volunteer Recruiting & On-boarding is run by Tushar Dull. If interested in this department, please send him an email to with the title HR

3.-Organizational Structure & Mentorship. Wanda Davids is building this department. We will be providing and update shortly.

4- Trust and Safety. Amy Watt runs this department and she is always looking for people to support her work. If interested, reach out to Amy at

5- Data Management and Data Automation (Pending)

6- Leadership. This team is run by Janae Sampson and Pukhjan Gill. They are looking for more Team Coordinators to help them manage daily shifts and help guide new candidates. If you are interested in becoming a Team Coordinator please contact them at

7- Training. This team is run by Steven Lin. Steve is looking for people to help him train new candidates on the chat platform. If you are tech-savvy and would like to learn more about becoming a Training Coordinators, contact Steve at

8- Fundraising. This team is run by Falak Chawala supported by Djarren Tan. They are looking for people to help them run their several campaigns, if interested, reach out to them at

9- Community Management is looking for Community Coordinators to help them manage and engage our online community. If interested, please contact them at

10- Social Media is run by Megha Johar. Megha is looking for Subject Matter Experts in all social media channels. marketing and graphic design. If you are interested in this field, please contact Megha at

11- Customer Service (Coming Up).

12- Business Development (Coming Up).

Thank you very much for choosing to volunteer with us!